Picture Day Guide 

UE Picture Days are smooth running, efficient, and fun! To help achieve this goal, please follow these simple guidelines. Through a team effort, we’ll achieve Ultimate success!

  • Your coach will provide you with your scheduled photo time and order forms 2 weeks prior to Picture Day.
  • Please complete the personal information and order sections; enclose payment; and bring order form to Picture Day. Every athlete must bring a completed order form in order to be photographed on Picture Day.
  • Make sure to complete the email address section on the form to gain access to our online promotional discount program!
  • Parents can visit our on-site sales booth first to “touch and feel” our Ultimate product selection. The UE sales staff will help you make selections and provide additional instructions for completing your order. Once complete, enclose payment and have your child hold on to their form.
  • Please arrive early! Upon arrival, find your coach/team and stay together as a group. Your coach/team parent will visit our on-site sales booth to check in team order forms. Once the order forms have been reviewed, we hand them back to the coach/team parent and then the team proceeds to the photographer.
  • Teams then line up and we collect each athlete’s form and take their picture. Even if the parent decides not to purchase photos, each athlete must have a completed order form with all of the athlete’s information for the team and individual photo.